What a process… I love doing this though. I am dedicating this years bash to my absolute undeniable love, passion and purity for what I do. This years OCTANE: MEGA-PARTY represents the fuel and juice that presses me to do what I do day in and day out. 10 years… fuck it. Now we are at 11. I am a machine. I have been working 24/7 and I won't stop until the job is done and complete and you party animals have joined me in taking it to a whole other level on one Badass nasty bash ...on Saturday night March 1st 2014. Yeah I'm stressed. Yeah I'm tired. Yeah I am getting hundreds of calls and texts per day and I really do 90% of the groundwork by myself but… Someone tonight reminded me of the purity that is, when we love to do something.

Its all fucking worth it.

Without a destiny, there is no journey. And without a journey there is no destination. I am not just in love with the final product on stage and throughout the building on Saturday but I am in love with this journey… where no pain is greater than my love, no problem is impossible to solve and no hill is too steep to climb. Its the performance and the idea of pushing the boundaries and creating the best of the best. There is one thing I can guarantee about this Saturday night… You have all of my Octane and all of my Energy.

I was given a blank canvas and on it, I painted with my blood.

I have a ton of people hitting me up for free tickets, badges, drinks, whatever… give me this give me that… blah blah . BUT… If there is that one person in the audience that watches my show, and they believe again; they see that anything in side of a random church downtown Broad St in Columbus Ohio is possible. They believe in dreaming again, and that is the most powerful inspiration to push us as individuals forward.

For you… my brother, sister or whomever you are… thank you for connecting with me for that moment. Thank you for believing in my art enough to extend your evening to me.

You and you alone are worth my efforts and expenditures.

I will see you all on Saturday Night March 1st…

Jason Dhir

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