My events have been quoted and published as many things - crazy, upside down, original, an acid trip brought to life, over the top... but nothing and I mean nothing will compare to what you are going to experience March 3rd 2012.

The last 8 MEGA-Parties including the legendary REVOLUTION and ELEVATE parties have set the standard for almost a decade for after-events. At this year's VELOCITY, once again a new standard will be set after tearing up the downtown Columbus Ohio with the most intense night of reality altering, mind bending, entertainment and shows for the true extremists.

I am here to play... and let me tell you that I brought the chips, and am ready to roll the dice. It's not only time for a higher state of consciousness but the absolute highest level of functioning both the crew and myself have ever personally achieved. You have all seen unbelievable custom built shows in past years. This year I am taking it up several notches and doing multiple shows on multiple levels, including some to ignite your senses from all 360 degrees. When the gates to the industries Baddest After-Party open at 9:30pm, Its GAME ON. I am NOT Fucking around. This is the 9th annual MEGA-Party, not some bloody wine and cheese affair. I have read all your emails and texts....I know what you want. You got it.

What separates the Charity Bash MEGA-Party from any other party out there...? Because it is an art, not just a business. This annual production represents passion and absolute purity with no Limits. Stepping away from the party for a moment, I would like to take this opportunity to explain what this party represents to me and to others involved. Remember when you were a kid and you dreamed? What did you want to do? Be an astronaut? Learn to fly? Be the biggest philanthropist in the world? Cure something? That very moment when you were a child... you knew no limits.

There weren't 'respectable elder people' counseling you, telling you that you couldn't do something. There wasn't any taste of societal norms in your comprehension and obedient guidelines that you had to fit within. You were truly free... you were pure with no environmental restrictions… you were Limitless.

What happened?

Once you find out that Santa is actually non-existent and its actually daddy that’s eating the cookies mommy left, it’s all downhill after that and you are pretty much fucked from there ... We get older and after we are told something is impossible, we are then taken to school for it and proved it is impossible - we now become like everyone else. We get more 'mature' and 'settled' which equates to telling these young kids to calm down. We start to focus on boundaries because we feel safer. Boundaries. Limits.

If we all focused only on what we knew was possible we would never achieve a higher standard. What do we become? A me-too person that is safe and secure yet, boring with little taste or originality, thousands of limits and boundaries because ‘that's not for me' or ‘not really viable’. Both Beauty and Honesty comes out of 'moments' of absolute purity and the balls to not worry about what others perceive or what norms society places on us.

Society deems 'responsible' as taking both the successes and blames for things. But it often gets lost in translation as fake smiling when the in-laws come over and acting like you are established, settled and of some significant importance to the world that is making a difference...but really you’re a sheep following the pack. I suggest re-thinking what is a responsible self in this case by taking a real step to actually revolutionize something, if not in the world, at least within yourself. When it comes to making a difference either way, Irresponsible people are often the most responsible. They actually see a need to change something and take a step to do so. Responsible ones sit there chin wagging like everything is peachy and do their part saying 'it’s my fault'. Irresponsible animals that stand up and act upon creating and designing against societies comfort zones without fear or reservation, take the hits and wins but also realized the risk needed to revolutionize and push our race forward.

The limitless believe life is beautiful and incredible, and that dreams do come true. Nothing inspires and moves people more than the impossible becoming possible hence I would like to dedicate this year's event to the dreamers. Many of you have been an inspiration to me and on Saturday night March 3rd, I am honored and humbled to serve those that move others emotionally and spiritually to not just think outside of the box, but redefine what the box means to us.

Truth is… when you are ‘lost’, dreaming, irresponsible and original – you are limitless and capable of changing the world and now being organically ‘found’; a sense of finding yourself. ‘Lost and Found’ will always be coupled in the same box… as only ‘lost’ things can be ‘found’.

Here is to those that dare to dream, to those that have broken boundaries and are committed to living a life of purity the way the universe created us, instead of the way society molded us….

For the unsettled, irresponsible, revolutionaries that dare to take the road less traveled… Thank you.

You are Beautiful, Inspiring, Pure and…Limitless.

Jason Dhir

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