Saturday Night March 5th 2011

The 8th Annual Charity After-Bash MEGA-PARTY

Saturday night, March 5th is the 8th annual MEGA-party and like with all past MEGA-Parties, it will once again keep the tradition of raising the bar. I named this event ELEVATE for one reason. It represents the power within all of us to elevate ourselves beyond our comfort zones and the daily norm and raise our own bars to another level. Whether you’re creative, athletic, mathematical, artistic or philosophical, I am sure at one point or another you have desired to reach a new heights both for yourself and for others. If you have watched any videos from past events, you will see that I have dedicated events to ”Those that live life to the Extreme”, “To the Future of the Fitness Industry” and “To those that desire to make a Fantasy a Reality” and even to the “Next Dhir Generation” lol.

This one is different. It isn’t just for Dreamers, Extremists or Fitness people. It is dedicated to anyone that chooses to elevate themselves to a new standard. To those that seek only the best and elevate themselves emotionally, spiritually and mentally to new heights because of what they believe. People that have conquered obstacles, struggles and fears, and wake up every day continuing to better themselves for a better world and to be the best to others. Those people are heroes and they deserve to be recognized.

In past events, you have seen Hyper-Domes, Freak Shows, Midget Wresting, Cyber Odysseys, Chainsaws on Ice, Aliens out of Space Ship doors, live Super Model photo shoots – the works. But this 8th annual bash is dedicated to those heroes and will represent an elevation above what my standard is… A push for myself and my crew to be even better; both for us and for you.

I am so grateful and thankful for every experience in my life and for all of the truly amazing people I have had the opportunity to meet and work with. Producing events didn’t teach me to play music, create a show, dance or party hard. They taught me to push my own boundaries and break through to being a stronger person and really LIVE life with passion and to its fullest. We have grown together, along with my events over the last decade and I have made a committed decision that it is time I elevate my creativity, drive and execution to bring it and you to a new dimension. Life is small by virtue of physics but we can live it as big as we want. The things we have feared the most should be conquered, the roads less traveled should be taken and the dimensions untapped should be discovered. Our movement exists not only out there in the world, but within ourselves.

For those that seek a new standard for themselves in life with no fear…

For those that dare to take that step and be a hero, to themselves and to others…

On March 5th 2011, I am honored to serve you at my 8th annual MEGA-Party…

Live. Love. Create. Elevate.

Jason Dhir

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