10 Badass Things In This World

10 Badass things in this World:

  1. Smart Car – I don’t give a shit what anyone says about this little fucker – you know you wanna ride one! I mean c’mon – you can park it sideways! Insane and rebellious fast as heck too and efficient for the cheap fucks. 2. Tria Greek Restaurant Hummus – The tastiest damn Hummus you‘ll ever consume. They got this receipe down to a tee and with some light olive oil, a glass of wine and some company, your in for the evening. This makes the perfect prep appetizer for dinner. 3. Techno music – take a trip to Europe. Any questions? 4. British chocolate – yes – her majesties royal terrier (yours truly) devoured a few pounds of this organic orgasmic when I landed. I got enough of a sugar rush that I was crawling on the floors at the London train station fishing for some change to nick up another bounty bar. 5. Moni and Marks new dogs – Chico and Chuie are quite the buzz and will likely at some point be seen up on a missing dog poster at some point because everybody “wants to steal them”. Cute with a rebellious streak make the perfect combination to assure these guys can puppy dog their way to anything they want. 6. Pyrotechnics, Lasers and Space Cannons – There are things that are great and then there are thing that are exceptional. This is the sickest shit that you can load into any party. This is instant electricity that can take your party and turn it into some serious mind bending show that will make you think that aliens have just invaded planet earth. Even though I almost got my face blown off and my eyes zapped with the laser you will definitely be seeing these fun adult toys coming to a Jason Dhir party near you. 7. My Mom and Brielle – It has been a tough year for me and these ladies have supported me a lot. Through all the million things going on and everything in between – They are truly incredible. I love them to death. 8. The new expo DVD – Containing 5 events. Blue man is back. It is right on point. I would like to thank Infinity Productions and the Leonhardts for compiling this piece. I probably drove them around the bend putting the bits and pieces of this together but it is a very high energy masterpiece. 9. Christmas – I get a day off work! Yeahhhhhh! The entire family gets together and is usually quite fake but that’s besides the point. Free food and lots of it! Eat and sleep all day and hang out with my lovely neice. Could wish for a better time. Merry Xmas to you all, I hope that you enjoy the down time and spend some time with those you love. (I know I am getting all mushy on you, can’t help myself). 10. Women in boots – Every guy I know seems to dig the girl in short skirt wearing high boots thing. Kills me. Gets my cerebral fluids circulating. In fact it gets a lot of things circulating now I think about it. Not every girl can pull this off but those that can are sure to get a second look. Likely a third if you walk into one of my parties sporting them.

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