Around and About Columbus, Ohio

Around and About Columbus, Ohio

This “Cowtown” as some call it is not what ya think… Being the 15th largest city in the United Stated leaves many statements as to what Columbus has to offer very open for questioning. Everything from shopping, nightlife, restaurants and adventure are all on point in Columbus in a pretty big way. With very high growth potential, Columbus still insists the best has yet to come. Here I offer you a quick rundown of some hotspots in Columbus that may satisfy your appetite for variety and uniqueness that this city is proud of. These are some of my personal picks for your hit list to check out when you visit Columbus. Be sure to mention finding them through this article. Restaurants Brio – Love this place. The atmosphere never disappoints and the entire place is without a doubt a five star set-up. Food is right on the money, the chefs are highly knowledgeable and you will find that the typical pompus and normally boring oak laden layouts of most top restaurants should be sacrificed for something with a little more attitude and pizzazz. The essence a restaurant is a place to gather for great food and social time and in essence that is what Brio is. (Located at Easton Town Center 10 minutes from downtown) Tria Greek Kuzina – Authentic Greek food at this family operated restaurant provides intense flavor and very high quality food. Located about 15 minutes from downtown, this well manicured restaurant will provide its guests a casual dining setting with extensive variety in some authentic Greek. (Located in Powell 15 minutes from downtown) BD’s Mongolian BBQ – If you like to eat and like to do it in a big way, this is the place. You pick and mix your own food in its raw state, take it to the giant flat grill and watch it cook. Ideal for the health conscious folk and also for people that really like to hound down serious quantity of food. Once you buy a bowl, the food is all you can eat and you won’t be disappointed. (Located downtown in the arena district) If you’re here for the Arnold and have the munchies but no ride, look up the following great restaurants. These are right on point and I highly recommend them. They are all located downtown and are only short walk from the Convention Center. - Martini’s (Italian)

- Typhoon (Sushi Bar)

- M (Classy, high end)

- Due Amici’s (an everything place)

- Kooma (another Sushi place)

- Liu Pon Xi (eastern mix

- The Burgandy Room (high on wines and eclectic tastes)

  • Abracci’s (Steaks and Italian) Clubs/Nightlife… Spice bar - An original lounge. Spice has three main rooms and a patio. Chic design by my good friend Rik Weber cuts down on the throbbing pulse of a rave club and brings it down to the martini and cocktail drinking atmosphere that Columbus still needs. Great for anything from a business meeting to a chill out session with your other half it is a really great sport to hit. Sugar bar – The sister club to Spice, with a rather flirtatious flair to it. With a stage that can accommodate anything from a burlesque tease to roaring up a crowd, this is a versatile club that you can enjoy under any circumstance. The Mynt – A legendary place in my book. This is one kick ass place to thorw a party. The layout is so unique as it has a vary small yet intimate chill bar upstairs and a club in the basement. The downstairs has a back VIP area behind a nice sized dance floor that can get really nasty when you got a kick ass DJ in there. I threw my code access party here and it was a killer spot for 350-400 people that want to shake it on the dance floor and still have those front row seats to relax in and people watch. This is where I coined the term “Rave in the Cave” Club Karma – Ah yes, the official spot for the ‘07 Charity After Bash IV. When I need a giant f*cking club, this is where I roll up. 75,000 watt sound system (in one room!) and several other rooms packing some serious artillery for some next-level energy. Heart pounding techno and current top 40 are lock and key for their sound system and the newly renovated inside still provides a clean and classy atmosphere while letting us get a release with unstoppable partying. Park once and see it all, mulipe roomed meta-club and it THE ONLY spot that can contain the massive After-bash this year. BoMa – This place takes me back to Amsterdam! The whole club in an old church thing brings the delightfully sinful taste back to life and give us an oddly karmatic mix of rave energy mixed with modern art and class and then throw in some penetrating acoustics of a high ceiling gothic like feel. Not a common spot for me because it is a little far out from the general Arena District but is a place that you should visit without question. The Princeton Club – I absolutely love this place. I salute it is every which way possible. The Princeton is a privately owned “membership only club” that is highly exclusive to only a certain class of indulgence. The club is very difficult to find (which I actually like hehe) and you may have to either call for direction or visit the website. Your first time visiting this club will likely leave you somewhat speechless and I would strongly suggest asking either one of the employees or better yet one of the owners for a tour of the facility. You may also note that the venue is BYOB and you will need to bring your own supply of alcohol and they will be able to supply some mixers. After hitting up this spot a couple of times you will likely find that you will begin to appreciate the liberalisms and freedoms that the place hold proud. Couple can be free to be as expressive as they want and I feel as though the relaxed atmosphere here leaves you free of any of the usual drunk hustlers and rudeness you can often experience at the typical club. The owners of the club have become my family and they are two passionate people that are helping grow Columbus alive and well. Props to them and the Princeton as I have made this the post After-bash spot for a 2am – 6am party. Columbus Light – The fact that this club is not located downtown may offer some advantages. This 600-700 capacity club is unique to the locals offering food, a rentable VIP backroom and excellent staff service. Here you can hear a mix of 70’s, 80’s and current hits. There is never usually much of a wait on getting a drink and the place is kept up with very well. During the summer, the patio is open and can be a great place for anything from a BBQ to daiquiri after hitting the pool.

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