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“Cash, Check or Charge your Life”

It is very important that I write you this e-mail right now. It is late - 3am Eternal as I call it. This is of urgency and must be executed and delivered to you immediately.

To my fellow companions over at the infamous blue and orange palace that you know I speak of. I have a little note for all of you including one of you in particular.

Sometimes you just have to step forward and look at who you are and where you are. You are trapped as I have been trapped many a time before.

You don’t get out of being trapped by your jailer until you find a tiny, tiny pin on the floor that may even be rusted and bent and you start to hack away at that lock until you hear a little click.

Then you must go to the next lock, pass the security guys and cameras. During this process you will need to prepare two things.

You are going to have to have friends that will help you and you are going to have to be prepared to take some others out – there is no choice. It is always a combination of both.

I will not be ruled by my jailer again. I was already there previously in my life. I was f*cked up bad. It controlled me. I had convinced myself that I didn’t have a choice.

When I ate, when I slept, my daily mood, my finances, my family time and continued on to the point of where it controlled what I thought and how I felt. I repeat – it controlled what I thought and how I felt.

It took a lot out of me but I pushed very hard took back whatever I could though and we parted ways. I lost more though. I lost the battle and I lost the war. I had nothing. I didn’t even have myself.

Many of you are getting a good deal. Well, at least it is what you asked for… if you wanted money, you seem to be getting it. Eye for an eye. If you are happy, read no further, close this page and continue on with your life.

Now for those of you that want freedom, you won’t find it at the blue and orange palace. Maybe you will all finally see that you’re trying to buy an apple at the butchers market. Not happening.

Difficult to even see this though when how you think and feel are being controlled. Think about it. Are you really sure you are still driving your own car through life?

I have gone through a lot more than you may think. For those of you that know me - how many deals have I lost in the last 24 months? They were all hopes and dreams too just like yours. We are no different – I am a good dude too – trying to look after family. Sure I look like all good times but I have had the sh*t kicked out of me more times that I care to discuss.

Right now my friends and alliances, There is no hope – there is only execution. The only day you will become the victor is the day that you start thinking as sharp as them and your senses are heightened.

People perform miracles under odd situations. Are they miracles or are they a power that was generated from love struggle and them hemorrhaging so much blood that they are at a do or die stage?

Please read about the life-death stage on my site (In the article: My Forth Trip To Hell And Back). I refer to a physical yes – but the mental and spiritual part of this is often over looked.

How many times have you heard an 80 year old woman passes away and shortly after her 80 year old husband passes away from a ‘broken heart’?

You are all dying mentally and spiritually in a similar fashion. Just a little inside every day. Hate to be so blunt. The toughest people are broken – that is the jailers of the Blue and Orange Palace goal – they must break you. The goals will get higher, if that doesn’t work then the hours will get longer.

It is the company anthem and the companies private mission statement. One most of you will never see. They are a government of privacy that cannot be trusted.

I wish you could sit in on the meetings when the plans first started: “The goal is to get them while they are hot. Use and abuse and then ditch them. Oh yeah – and lets pay them so that we own them.

They won’t leave because they don’t have the balls to leave the money and put stress on their family”.

What they didn’t think about (and what they don’t care about for that matter) is that they took more than your work and energy. They took your kids and your family and they took your soul. They took everything and sold you a f*cking dream that played on those you love.

You all do what you do because you care for loved ones and your own potential futures and interests. You and Mr. R over there are not too different. He wants his dream and you want yours. There is only one major difference… He makes the rules for both of you, you don’t.

You stepped into the palace - took a bullet for your kid, they took all of you out anyway. Then they blamed the crime on you. I stopped playing with other peoples rules a while back. Funny how I never won.

Here is my motto: Get Active, Go Elsewhere. I would rather work at f*cking burger joint or bar and have some pride. I have been on your end and your loved ones end. One day I opened up my piggy bank and pulled out all of the money I had saved. I gave it to my parents when I never saw my dad back in England so that I could buy them for a day like work bought them. If it was money that they wanted, I would try to provide. I just wanted them. As my parents.

Go my friend. Go back to the real promise land. There is more gold and treasure that exists in that world than you will ever find being jailed here. When you are jailed it isn’t just that you can’t get out, no one else can get in.

Break down the walls. Do something positive for yourself and loved one and even the greater good. It’s not what you make –it’s what you keep. Go. All of you reading this… just go.

I am surprised you haven’t all attempted further escape from your jailer. Maybe it is because your 7 min against the law lunch breaks aren’t long enough to find another job. Or maybe your superior performance new mental programming won’t allow you to think that way. You decide.

You’re losing everything including your own faith. Your robotic structure and shiny coat of armor will rust in the storms they lay before you.

People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people.

I will live life with struggle, with stress and with pain.

I will feel, think and bleed as a human, crimson red passion and pride.

I will no longer live life without fear.

Not now, not ever.

Jason Dhir

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