"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

- Gandhi

Now is YOUR time...

to MAKE it happen.



REBEL Performance core Mission is to offer mental and physical performance enhancing supplements to become an Ultra Human and achieve the highest success. Rebel Performance will maintain only the highest standards of integrity and will honor exceptional people doing exceptional things.

REBEL Performance: Makers of the most advanced Cognitive Enhancers and effective Neurological Focus supplements. We believe success is all about Focus.


REBEL Performance introduces FocusFURY, an untamed game changer in the field of cognitive enhancement. Unleash the fire inside you with its unparalleled ability to surge your motivation, raw energy and relentless drive to make that empowered feeling of success and productivity a reality. Our advanced products are designed for optimized human performance 24/7/365 so you never have to second guess being on point. FocusFURY combines the finest raw ingredients at clinically dosed levels designed to support memory, mental agility, faster thinking and physical response while bringing you unrivaled raw focus and crystal clear energy you can feel in as little as 20 minutes. Whether you are looking to achieve maximum efficiency with an overloaded schedule, or get in the zone and dominate the field, you've only got one life to live and your time is now… Live it Focused, Fearless and Limitless.


 "I was uninformed and got screwed by shrewd marketing claims and loose promises. My brand isn't about pumping out volumes of product, its about creating tried, tested and true products that support a community of like minded go getters like ourselves"


"We clinically dose the main ingredients, even if it costs us double. We do not make any second rate products and take the step that no one else wants to. Consumers are purchasing under dosed and potentially dangerous products."


"Because the cost is so high, and margin so low. I can be more transparent and other companies cant afford to copy my formulations. We are here to help push the supplement and nootropic market (specifically) forward."