I'm not going to start by giving you some long carmaluded "about me" or "my story" bullshit, yawn, bored to death, waste of my time fucking paragraph, I'm just going to re-introduce myself again…


Im Jason Dhir. Many of you know me from the extreme parties I produce, the sports nutrition industry or maybe just from passing by… and well… as many of you might know I've lived somewhat of an unusual life. Saying I followed the road less traveled is an understatement and I've always tended to do things the way that I wanted to do them. Like many of you, I have had my fair shake of learning experiences along the way.



Contrary to what others might perceive about me, I don’t think I am talented. I just always had this tendency of being rebellious, going against the grain and telling everyone to get fucked because I wanna do it my own way. With that said, both immense success and getting my ass kicked on a daily basis was kinda the norm for me. I realize now that throughout all of my experiences with business, relationships and a roller coaster of highs and lows, that hindsight is 20/20 and getting thrown through the mill gave me the gift of actual experience. I am a true artist and intimacy junkie so having something that was of real value to me, instead of some fictitious philosophy from some engaging speaker or another chapter out of a self help book that ultimately got me nowhere and wasn't up my alley. In fact, the large majority of time, the advice others gave me – taught me what NOT to do. 


Over time I have became more distant and recluse. When I wasn't using an event I was throwing or my work as an outlet, I could often be found hiding in the corner of a bookstore or coffee shop in my usual sweatpants, hoping to be left alone in my own thoughts for a while. I have avoided media, social media, my site, social gatherings… all off it. I was happy though, and it was easier. I knew that my way of life would offend others and the long time relationships I build would crumble. But I knew I had been hiding and simply couldn't live like that anymore. I had too much to say and my silence just made things worse. More importantly, it condemned my intimacy and honest contribution until finally something inside me snapped. I mean really snapped.


I remember a few years ago, a masked magician named Val Valentino appeared on prime time television and exposed how illusionists were doing such elaborate magic tricks. He exposed them all form Criss Angel to David Copperfield. He was blackballed from the industry as having broken "magicians code" however, his reasoning for doing the shows was not to hurt anyone business but to raise the bar in which illusions were done. He figured that exposing common tactics and trickery, it would evolve the performances to a higher level. This is where I wanted to stand.


Im not a life coach or counselor or anything fancy. Im just a thought provoked guy that walks the walk and has jumped in the deep every time. I study patterns on how and why things works. Im here to cut the crap and debunk popular philosophies that are ineffective and just designed to send you in circles chasing your tail and instead share a very raw and straightforward look at innovative and immediate self improvement ways. For those of you that have spent hers trying to figure it out and wanna fast track your progress when it comes to dating, starting your business, hiring employees, or even speed xmas shopping then check out our fast 4 video series. All videos are less than 2 minutes and I get right down to it, so instead of wasting time, you can be out in the field improving your relationships, launching new projects or getting in better shape. If for any reason you feel it doesn’t provide what you are looking for, then I've taken up only 2 minutes of your time instead of months of work and several thousands of dollars.



For those of you looking for a unique and brutally honest philosophy that can make a solid impact, subscribe and save this site in your favorites. With articles and videos covering such topics as – Why people cheat, Rednecks are going extinct, Therapy keeps you in therapy, Get more dates in 2 minutes and Why 30 year olds are more awkward than adolescents, these articles are somewhat of a "coming out" for me. They are not meant to hurt anyone but rather to suggest we have higher standard and a better way of approaching something. By following a science meets nature approach, lets expose all of the lies and bullshit and start getting real. I believe by opening up, the truth will set us free.


With the un-invention of me, I hope I can inspire the un-invention of you. Now Im exposed and fully naked… anyone want to join?!


Jason Dhir.


"Don’t let societal norms clip your wings. Instead, spread your wings and fly"