MEGA-Party I - XII: The Painting. (please use headphones for video)


Hi Everyone,


As many of you know, last years MEGA-Party XII: ANTHEM was the last official one in the series of 1 - 12. I have many more events in my life to do, but I have a strong personal desire to build another series of events… write another book… paint another picture so to speak… I will be sure to connect with many of you over the next few weeks on what I am working on.


First and foremost, there are many of you that are watching the video and reading this post that have contributed greatly to the MEGA-Party series. Whether it was for multiple years, or even just for a moment in time, I was fortunate enough to share that with you and it will always humble me. What an honor. I want to personally thank you for everything you have done, and all of the blood, sweat and tears that has been put into such a unique and magical night. I am forever grateful to you and I cannot express enough how much I appreciate you. Thank you for contributing to my vision. I am a perfectionist and as you know, and I appreciate your exceptional work. At any point in time, you seek out a particular vision or dream that you have yourself, know firmly that you have a friend in me by your side to support you.


For those of you I am so grateful of having attend this series of events… Thank You as well. We have officially set history as the longest running, most packed and fastest selling. Coined as the industry's "Baddest Party", this event set new parameters as to what a true experience really is. My work here is done. We have battled fleets of robots, 16ft robots, alien invasions, pyro-fire balls, freeze-jets, hovered UFO drone attacks, drank from triple-threat ice luges, tangled with live lightning strikes, wrestled with midgets, and hung with celebs in the rafters of the VIP set records for alcohol consumption per minute (you guys should be proud of that one lol). We really have done it all… Some other me-too event may propagate, but likely out of the wrong reasons and intentions. For me… This night was never just a party or event production to me. This party wasn't about money or prestige or an ego driven motive or required job whatever. Infact. It was a picture I was trying to paint. At first, I used to get pissed off when people called me a party promoter. Then I would ask to be called a producer, but truth is, I was never really satisfied. I was just an artist desperately painting a picture. I didn't make a lot of money doing the Bash. I didn't care. It was divine. In fact that was one of the most asked questions anyone asked, yet if people only new the sacrifice I was committed to, for that one night of freedom, intimacy and humanism.


This party was my life, Painted. It was an expression of who I was and what I wanted to say. And for everyone that has ever attended the event… together collectively, we were all a contributing brushstroke in the magnificent painting that night, and one day we will paint another picture, one to tell a different story. My shows weren't just for entertainment, they were a statement. My last show was a story about a rebel that fights for freedom, and standing up to big brother for what you believe no matter what the consequences. Those of you that know a little more history about the event, know that I never sold out to get sanctioned. I may never be recognized in some hall of fame or be granted awards or trophies, but I could care less. I am, was and will always be, the best at what I did that Saturday night, and no one can take that away from me. I was gifted 12 years of purity, honestly, intimacy, art and connection with several thousand people. I've never been happier, or at so much peace… and I have all of you to thank for that.


Please take a few moments to check out the attached video… MEGA-PARTY I – XII: the Painting. (Please use headphones while watching video)


And as always… Don’t let society clip your wings… spread your wings and fly.


Thank you, I love you all.


Jason Dhir

Im not going to start by giving you some long carmaluded "about me" or "my story" bullshit, yawn, bored to death, waste of my time fucking paragraph, I'm just going to re-introduce myself again…


Im Jason Dhir. Many of you know me from the extreme parties I produce, the sports nutrition industry or maybe just from passing by… and well… as many of you might know I've lived somewhat of an unusual life. Saying I followed the road less traveled is an understatement and I've always tended to do things the way that I wanted to do them. Like many of you...

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Episode #2 Coming Soon

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Getting a B.S. in Applied Kinesiology:
By Jason Dhir

I continue to believe Applied Kinesiology (as known as Muscle Testing) is Bull Shit.


It has been proven that certain foods consumed and materials used weaken us over time and lead to sickness, inflammation and in the long term even death. However the idea of a practitioner having you hold an item and manually physically press your arm or leg to figure this out is a fucking joke. If they had any integrity and legitimacy, they would ...legitimacy, they would perform these studies with equipment, not by hand (ego?) with the exact amount of pressure every time and remove any possible external factor that can contribute to that muscle resistance. Even the most basic middle school science classes teach the concept of a "controlled study". I personally haven't seen it effectively performed this way yet, and since George J. Goodheart, Jr., D.C. initiated it in 1964, it still has zero science to back up its effectiveness for diagnosis and treatment. Personally I think it can be a dangerous practice both physiology, diagnostically and physiologically for a vulnerable individual. Check out this video by James Randi:

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