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De-Coding His Hug
Episode #2 Coming Soon
Episode #2 Coming Soon



4 reasons to stop carrying everyones baggage:

...Stop driving yourself nuts trying to convey the same message over and over where people are going to do what they want anyhow. In fact, there is a popular book that recently came out called "People can't drive you crazy, if you don’t give them the keys". Some people tend to stay in shitty relationships, they stayed in crappy jobs, they keep pounding booze, doing drugs, lying… or whatever the case. The worst part is that they are going to keep making excuses for their behavior.  Its always something, and as far as their concerned its never their fault. And I mean NEVER their fault. Something or someone is always to blame...




What exactly is this?

Simply put... it's 4 tips or "life hacks" that can be read or watched in less than 2 mins.


They are designed to change poor common thinking patterns by providing innovative and efficient solutions that anyone can start utilizing immediately. I am building a community that breeds new life into controversial and misunderstood topics and offer a simple, no BS approach to self improvement and self actualization.


Currently, rather than respecting the nature of who we are as a species, society have become even more disconnected with poor programming, ridiculous philosophies and a modern god-like complex of an egos. Science, has evolved into politics and biased research funding instead of hard facts. So, in order to produce something more valuable to subscribers, I have taken my unbiased 'jump in the deep end' experience and legitimate science, and creating this website along with The Fast Four in the process.


Let me put it to you like this... When you look at food you consume, you will often find yourself peeling off multiple layers and throwing out 80-90 % of the excess that comes with it. All the excess fat gets trimmed, skin peeled off, bones and cobs removed, pips spit out... and underneath it all is simply... the 'meat'. Thats what The Fast Four represents. I cut all the fluffy BS out and get to the fucking point. I dont wanna spend thousands of dollars in self help or listen to hours and hours of meaningless crap.  Swipe my card and give me my fucking food. I got better shit to do than chase my tail... I don't want to hear it, why should you.


With the Fast Four series of videos and articles, I can share tried, tested and true philosophies that you can impliment right now in under 2 minutes. Such views and methods on - why you are un-dateable or how to know when your partner is taking steroids, are controversial and offensive to some, but they work. When you start to incorporate these radical methods into you will see how effective they are. Think of my videos and articles as a mini coffee date. Only it's less than 2 minutes long, I do all the talking, and there is no coffee (at least on my end lol ;) You can walk away with something thats actually viable, and if for any reason you dont like me, then well the speed date was only 2 minutes long anyhow.


We live in a society of debilitating political correctness and the coddling of peoples fragile emotions. Sure, it feels good but where are we really getting? Absolutely no where. Really think about it. Ponder about the last 6-12 months, or even the last 5 years. Don't bullshit yourself - did you achieve the majority of things you set out to do? Its time to accept you are functioning in a broken daily system that doesnt work. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, so lets change that pattern together. Not tomorrow, not next month... but now, in the next 2 minutes. Lets start making an honest society of achievers and fast four-ward thinkers.




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