Jason Dhir is the CEO of Rebel Performance, a rapidly growing supplement company that specializes in nootropics (brain supplements). Find out why he thinks the supplement industry is flawed, and what he plans to do to fix it.



Q: What do you think about the current state of the supplement industry?


A: I have a lot of friends in the supplement industry, and I love them. I enjoy attending trade shows and so forth… but honestly, I think the industry itself is stale, boring, non-original, tacky and sublime.It has no taste and continues to produce mediocrity. It wasn't long ago that a company was bragging about a product they produced which claimed "If it’s on the label, it’s in the bottle!" Maybe it’s just me, but shouldn't that be standard? Just because you produce a product that is correct with your label doesn't mean that’s a perk to the consumer. It needs to stop. Rebel does not believe in such a philosophy and chooses to produce and market differently from this. We are designing a new playing field and a new sport. Legit, ethical, honest and real.




Q: Where does Rebel Performance fit into the supplement industry?


A: Think about how many pills you have popped in the last several years of consuming supplements. How much positive difference has it really made as of today? In many cases, they have actually had the reverse effect. Likely only 3-5% of the supplements you consume have had a positive impact and this is the category we fit in. I am an avid supplement user and I have a genuine loyalty to the consumer because when I first started, I was uninformed and got screwed by shrewd marketing claims and loose promises. My brand isn't about pumping out volumes of product, its about creating tried, tested and true products that support a community of like minded go getters like ourselves.


Q: Why are Rebel Performance supplements better/different than the standard?


A: We clinically dose the main ingredients, even if it costs us double. We do not make any second rate products and take the step that no one else wants to. Company and product transparency is key and we are focused heavily on the nootropics/cognitive enhancement market because in my opinion it is the

most confusing and deceptive sector of the supplement market. Consumers are purchasing under dosed and potentially dangerous products. You should not under any circumstances be 'playing around or experimenting' with your brain chemistry or taking some brain pill with a loosely tied proprietary blend in it that you don’t understand. Getting self educated would be great, but the current information available online is so poor and so biased. We want to take the guesswork out of focus supplements and ultimately help develop a more efficient, higher functioning society of successful and happy individuals.We also offer an ecosystem and new community that welcomes the consumer to join and become part of something with meaning and purpose. Our Achieve Anything™ motto and inspiring Team Rebel true stories offer inspiration and support to help people achieve their dreams.I don’t want to make great products, I want to make exceptional products. We are the only company to ever offer a 20 minute money back guarantee. If you do not feel more focused in 20 mins we will give you your money back no questions asked.


Q: Are the failures of big supplement companies holding back the growth of the industry? Why?


A: Its 2015. People are sick and tired of getting failed. Part of me thinks all of the failures gives the industry a bad rep, but then again I think that honest and ethical companies are a breath of fresh air. I was 14 years old when I bought my first supplement with some hard earned money that ended up being a junk product, so I am committed to maintaining a brand people can trust. There are other companies that are starting to think this way. We are seeing a solid surge in transparency of labels, hormone free products and fewer chemicals. WIth that said, the larger companies are slowly being forced to jump on board and make changes. We have a long way to go, but other companies like Rebel are leading the way.


Q: Aside from Rebel Performance, are there other supplement companies that share your views?


A: I would like to think so, but I can't speak or take responsibility for other brands. We are planning on launching an area on our website soon, where we will discuss other products that we believe to be of exceptional quality and value. We want to support this movement.


Q: If you could say one thing to every other supplement company owner, what would it be?


A: Times are changing. Rebel is not here to compete with any other brands, we are here to help push the supplement and nootropic market (specifically) forward. A few years ago, a masked magician named Val Valentino appeared on prime time television and exposed how illusionists were doing such elaborate magic tricks. He exposed them all form Criss Angel to David Copperfield. He was blackballed from the industry as having broken "magicians code" however, his reasoning for doing the shows was not to hurt anyone business but to raise the bar in which illusions were done. He figured that exposing common tactics and trickery, it would evolve to a more dynamic and creative new wave of illusion and entertainment. Looking back, it did. In our industry… we have the same philosophy.


Q: You have left the main parts of your unique formulation transparent for anyone to see, isn't this a risk sharing this technology with competitors?


A: I don’t see it that way. My products are extremely expensive to manufacture but they are the way consumables should be made, and I hope it inspires other companies to follow up and do the same. I have nothing to hide with fully clinically dosed products. Most companies won't copy the formula because the margins are too low. We have minimized unnecessary expenses in other areas of the company so that so that we can offer a higher end product at an affordable price.


Q: Why is the brand called REBEL?

A: Simply put – it is Rebels that move the world forward. The ones who do things differently and often go against societal norms. People become victims of negative pattern and they keep doing things the exact same way over and over until a Rebellious, free thinking individual courageously stands up and dares to say that there is a better way of doing something. Elon musk made the highest rated electrical 4 door sedan that goes 0-60 in 3.1 seconds and Steve Jobs made a miniature device that can hold up to 1000 songs. When they both started they new there was a better way. A different way than the norm at that time. These guys are modern day rebels. We are all about doing things different, our innovative productivity methods and advanced cognitive enhancers go against the grain but they work. We are about breaking down societal norms and creating a better way. One of our Trademarked slogans is "teaching old dogs new tricks".