Getting a B.S. in Applied Kinesiology

By: Jason Dhir

I continue to believe Applied Kinesiology (as known as Muscle Testing) is Bull Shit.


It has been proven that certain foods consumed and materials used weaken us over time and lead to sickness, inflammation and in the long term even death. However the idea of a practitioner having you hold an item and manually physically press your arm or leg to figure this out is a fucking joke. If they had any integrity and legitimacy, they would perform these studies with equipment, not by hand (ego?) with the exact amount of pressure every time and remove any possible external factor that can contribute to that muscle resistance. Even the most basic middle school science classes teach the concept of a "controlled study". I personally haven't seen it effectively performed this way yet, and since George J. Goodheart, Jr., D.C. initiated it in 1964, it still has zero science to back up its effectiveness for diagnosis and treatment. Personally I think it can be a dangerous practice both physiology, diagnostically and physiologically for a vulnerable individual.


Check out this video by James Randi: